There are several reasons why students should consider the JUPEB admission programme.

Annually, more than 1.5 million students do write UTME(JAMB) with the aspiration of securing admission into their desired institution but unfortunately it is just a fraction that ultimately realize this dream.


In fact some have written JAMB more than once or more and it looks seemingly impossible to gain admission because of various reason which could include: center issues, mass failure, e.t.c. But here is a golden opportunity for ADMISSION SEEKERS who wish to acquire a University degree that JUPEB( JOINT UNIVERSITIES PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION BOARD) A’LEVEL provides a unique platform for realizing your dream of university education way more than JAMB because it aids in securing admission into 200 level upon completion of the programme.


The benefits/importance of JUPEB in today admission challenges in our universities cannot be over


1.The JUPEB programme helps candidates in gaining admission into 200 level.

2.It prepares you ahead of the challenges that you might end up facing in universities

3 With JUPEB, there is no point in wasting a year or two years sitting at home waiting for

another JAMB that is not sure.

  1. You do not have to write JAMB if you have JUPEB result, or can also wish to write JAMB

and also use the JUPEB result to apply for admission at the same time.

  1. With JUPEB result in combination Direct Entry form you will buy from JAMB office,

you can apply to 4 different universities at the same time.

  1. Students have more chances of gaining admission into 200 level via Direct Entry than JAMB, as a fewer numbers of O’level leavers run the programme
  2. When you eventually gain admission into 200 level, your CGPA which stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average will likely be higher than JAMB candidates as yours start

calculating from 200 levels. This means that at least you are likely to graduate from the

University with a 2.1(second class upper) rather th2.2 (second class lower) that most

Graduates do come out with in the University with JAMB

The cost of running the programme is different from center to center.

8.Its more economical to go for this programme because it will save you the

cost and stress of 100 level as you will be admitted directly into 200 level upon

Completion of the programme.


Prospective JUPEB candidates are required to select any THREE(3) A LEVEL JUPEB subjects plus english language in line with your preferred course of study in the university be it Science, Art or Social Science. Candidates would then undergo lectures for nine(9) months at their respective study centers and thereafter sit for the final examination.

For more info and advice on how to register for JUPEB please contact 08148501101 or 07019103120.



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